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Park board removes
The Lovers from beach

THE PROVINCE, Thursday, June 8, 1972
The Vancouver park board has removed a sculpture, called The Lovers, left between Sunset and English Bay beaches by Vancouver artist Gerhard Juchum.

It was Juchum's second unsuccessful attempt to donate a sculpture to the city by putting it into place. Park superintendent Stuart Lefeaux said the multi-colored sculpture of two figures will be kept by the board until Juchum formally explains why he left the work at the beach without permission.

Lefeaux said the decision to remove the sculpture was made by the "superintendent."

He said it is doubtful the board would agree to keeping the sculpture at the beach location, "because that area is not designed for that sort of thing."

"We will remove anything that is on public land without our permission," Lefeaux said.

Juchum said the board knows why he left the work at the beach and said if the city is unwilling to accept it as a gift, he will offer the work to other municipalities.

"I do not mean to impose my work on the people of Vancouver.

"It is not just me, but all artists I am concerned about. The city will not accept work from anyone," said Juchum.

He said he wants to donate the work to Vancouver, "because that is where I live, and I think there are a lot of people here who like to see some real art around."

His first attempt at donating a sculpture to the city came last year, when a metal figure called the Spear Fisherman was left at Stanley Park.

The park board then refused to accept the work as a gift and it was later shipped to Port Hardy where it is currently on public view.

Juchum said he will attempt to meet with the park board as soon as possible to discuss the matter.