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Sculpture - Editor, the Sun, Sir
The Vancouver Sun: Tues., May 11, 1971
Sculpture Editor, The Sun, Sir—In The Sun (April 30) Gerhard Juchum, is written to be, first upset by the Park Board decision to "cart away his sculpture," and then waxing defeat in saying “… they will be throwing away $8,000 worth of sculpture."

First I would like to know, how he arrives at that particular figure as the value his "sculpture..”

Secondly, I would like to know what in heaven's name gives him the right to force it on the general public.

With all the furor flying over the Four Seasons and its potential destruction of Stanley Park, a natural showplace of natural beauty, one would think that Mr. Juchum would take an objective look at his weekend creation and realize that although it is very nice to have a hobby, for God's sake leave the beautifying of the city and its natural assets to professionals.

The whole thing could evolve into a nightmare of legions trooping down to Stanley Park and parking their latest efforts at dabbling to 'beautify'' an already beautiful place and thereby destroying it faster than any Four Seasons complex ever could.

Mr. Juchum, there is a law, I believe, against littering.

My four-year-old son does some great things with plasticene and silly putty. I think I'll take his latest down and adorn the breakwater, and if the Park Board won't accept it, I'll get very angry. I might even get my name in the paper!

L. J. CROCKETT 5005 1st Avenue, Delta