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BY PARK BOARD Sculpture carted off
The Vancouver Sun: Sun., April 30, 1971

Sculpture carted off

Fury seized him first, then deep depression.

Finally Gerhard Juchum reacted more calmly to the news that the park board had carted away his 600-pound statue Thursday to an equipment yard for him to pick up.

The board earlier sent him a telegram asking Juchum to remove the statue himself.

''I can't take it back," said the 31-year-oid sculptor, who set up the polyester and reinforced concrete spear fisherman statue on the beach between Second and Third Beaches. "But if an art lover wants it, he can pick it up."

When first told by Hie Sun Thursday night that the park board had trucked the sculpture to a yard near the rose garden in Stanley Park, Juchum wasn't so calm.

He was going to write letters to the board, to everybody. He was going to take it to the people of Vancouver. He was going to fight it to the bitter end.

But as his fury peaked, a wave of depression swept over him.

"Let them throw it away," he said bitterly. "I quit. They will only be throwing away $8,000 worth of statue."

A spokesman for the park board said the statue, which Juchum set up himself after trying vainly to get the city to accept it free, would be held for "a month or so."