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Spurned statue - Sculptor to test market
The Province, Saturday, May 1, 1971
A 600-pound sculpture unceremoniously removed from Stanley Park on Thursday will be offered to suburban municipalities.

The statue of a spear fisherman was erected between Second and Third beaches last weekend by Gerhard Juchum, a sculptor. Juchum said he had been trying to donate the sculpture to the park board for two years. Finally he decided to take the matter into his own hands.

The board removed the sculpture and placed it an equipment yard for Juchum to collect.

"I'm not going to take it back just to leave it in my back yard," Juchum said on Friday.

"I just found out today that the Vancouver park board doesn't run all the parks in the lower Mainland. So I'll offer it to North Vancouver, Burnaby or some other area.

"If I had known these other boards existed I wouldn't have wasted so much time with the Vancouver board which is so behind the times and opinionated against art."