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BEACH STATUE - Remove it, or ...
The Vancouver Sun: Thur., Apr., 29, 1971
What should the Vancouver parks superintendent do with an unwanted gift that weighs nearly 600 pounds?

Stuart Lefeaux sent a telegram to sculptor Gerhard Jn-chum giving him until 4:45 p.m. Wednesday to remove his Spear Fisherman from a Stanley Park beach.

Otherwise, he said, the board will have it removed and will assume no responsibility for loss or damage.

But at 4:45 p.m. the life-sized polyester resin statue was still on its boulder between Second and Third beaches, its spear pointing out at the sea.

"I can't remove it now," said Juchum, who had filled the hollow statue with 500 pounds of concrete Tuesday night.

He said he did this to protect the fragile statue from possible vandalism.

He spent two years trying to donate the statue formally to the city but was unsuccessful. So he put it up anyway.

"If they (the park authorities) want to take it away, they can rent a crane and do the job" he said. "I don't want anything more to do with it."

Lefeaux said there must be some control over what people can put up in the park or it would become a hodge-podge of sculptures.

"I'm hopeful he (Juchum) will remove it himself," he added.