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Unwanted parks sculpture appears despite board
The Vancouver Sun: Tues., Apr. 27, 1971
Sculptor Gerhard Juchum has placed a sculpture of a spear fisherman on a Stanley Park beach after two years of trying to donate it formally to the city.

But following a closed session of Monday night's park board meeting it appears that the statue may wind up in the Shaughnessy botanical gardens, if it is accepted at all.

The scultpure, titled Spear Fisherman, is a life-size silvery figure cast in polyester and set in concrete on top of a boulder spanning Second and Third Beaches. The figure carries a wooden spear.

"I would like to contribute it to Vancouver as part of this year's centennial," the 33-year old sculptor, who doubles as a veterinary surgeon for the federal government, said in an interview.

He spent a year working on the figure, and over the weekend spent two days and a night keeping guard on his work while the concrete hardened.

But park commissioners said Monday that while they will not remove the statue immediately, they will take no responsibility for it.

"We are presently negotiating with a committee of Vancouver sculptors and the Community Arts Council to estab lish a sculpture garden in the Shaughnessy botanical gardens." said commissioner George Wainborn.

. Said Wainborn: "We don,t think Stanley Park is the proper place for sculptures, because there is really no suitable place in the park for a group of these works of art."

He added that there would be no objection to Juchum submitting his work for inclusion in the Shaughnessy sculpture garden.

Wainborn said plans for the Shaughnessy sculpture garden will be drawn up and presented to the park board in about two months.

Juchum, who has lived in Vancouver for two years, said his sculpture was extremely popular on the weekend.