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Manuscript - Part 1

The Coloradian

Could I express myself through art which captures and creates flashes of love and devotion? For me fine art is disciplined, gracious self-expression: a sharing of my care.

The fundamental question I ask myself when starting a work of art is: how will it influence the next human being, the onlooker? If I find an answer to this question, then I have progressed.

With my art I attempt to direct a person's outlook to a more harmonious reality. When I sculpt, I am not content merely to make a copy of nature. I wish to stimulate ideas and emotions. My art, I hope, has this effect on people.

It is important for me not to invent or copy form but to capture and convey the underlying essence. Originality for me derives not from novelty but from sincerity, from having learned to express my spiritual values rather than conform to society's expectations. As a sculptor I have a definite purpose and feel a responsibility for my creations.

The next step for me as an artist is finding a suitable way to convey my message. A fellow artist once said to me: "I take a sheet of plywood and see what I can get out of it." "Well," I replied, "why don't you take up carpentry?"

As an artist I feel it is a mistake to be overly concerned with materials, and art constructions.

It is not a coincidence that I have chosen the human form for my art. In order to convey human values, I feel it is necessary to employ the human figure. I hope that my sculptures express dignity, awareness, self-respect, honesty, and above all, behold the unique beauty of being alive in the universe.

Even if I believe I have found a way to convey a message, there may still be a gap between me, the artist, and the public. If an individual cannot come to terms with art, then art can be of no benefit to her or him. The person who looks at a sculpture has to be able to be open to its message.

Art critic at English Bay

Unfortunately, many people are unable to understand my art. Through my art I try to convey the essential values of peace, love, and harmony, the essential values of the true artist. If I express myself in this way, then I do not have to be recognized as a great artist to realize my human potential. That is my goal as an artist.

Sculpting is humanizing: learning more about human beings, trying to understand them deeply, hoping to give them love through attention. My sculptures try to express human emotions and human values. My works of art are principally concerned with human needs, problems and dreams. As an artist I cannot emphasize enough the necessity to see and respect our fellow beings by understanding their actions and reactions and caring about them.

I express humanity in varying phases of repose, peace, vitality and ardour. With my sculptures I try to resurrect the human body from the level of an object to the precious uniqueness of the individual. My art thus seeks to portray a truth about myself and my fellow beings.

Discipline is necessary in order to experience and convey harmony, clarity and peace.

Creation gives the highest quality to moments of life, helping a person to grow and enhance the quality of her or his being. It is up to each one of us to express our vitality and be respectful toward life. Become a precious masterpiece!

* * *

What a sky! Blue stripes interrupted by black-violet clouds with orange edges. Beyond those houses across the yard must be a superb sunset. In the air is the joy of life permeating all the pores of my body. I just said "Yes" to a new beginning. What a moment in life!

With each close friend another world has been given. I am so grateful to each of you for letting me share your world. What good fortune to enjoy several lives; how life is enriched by feeling someone's existence, here, anywhere in this world.

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