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Manuscript - Part 5

Fisherman Hauling in the Net - Sculpture By Gerhard Juchum
There are many pertinent considerations, such as the correct location of a component as seen from the ventral, dorsal, rostral, and lateral views of the body; the location of a parts of the body in relation to the next anatomical element such as a joint, muscle, navel, groin, neck, head, nose and so on; and the location of a figure in a group sculpture.

A body part often must be emphasized in order to convey the theme of the sculpture. Greater size can portray a healthy, hyperfunctional part such as the huge, well-muscled shoulders of a gymnast or the calf muscles of a high jumper. However, at times the exaggeration of certain parts of the body or their neglect may be an expression of the sculptor's unconscious complexes.

The Transient - Sculpture by Gerhard Juchum
The flow of line is adapted to emphasize the theme even if it is anatomically incorrect. The visual impression, more than actual measurement, determines the proportions. Consideration is also given to the laws of physics and physiology. Psychology is important in understanding the way in which the expression of the face, torso, limbs, and hands, even the toes, conveys a message.

A model becomes close to me. A model becomes part of me. For that reason I always try to choose individuals of fine character who are amiable. I like working with personality, feeling and expression. I ask people from all walks of life if they would like to pose for me.

Often after working for months on a theme, thinking intensively and reflecting, I develop a clear picture in my mind of the person who will pose, without ever having met that person. Later, when I see that person on the street, I ask if they would like to pose for me. Sometimes the reverse happens: I meet someone and at once decide I would like them to pose for me. I then set out to find a proper theme for that person. And, after months of intensive sketching and planning, I ask her or him to be a model for me. If the person refuses, I am disrupted and unable to work creatively for months.

Sometimes the fear of being refused made me afraid. It is sad to be rebuffed. Today, life is such that it is unusual and even alarming for someone to stop and talk to you on the street. How much stranger is it for someone to make a request such as mine. People had trouble even considering it. Still, it is a mystery to me why so many people react negatively to such a proposal. One day I hope I will no longer be afraid to ask someone to pose for a sculpture and that they will not react by being suspicious or offended or, as has happened, by hitting me.

When someone agrees to become the model for a sculpture, I appreciate their faith, trust, and acceptance of me, first as a person and then as a sculptor.

When elite athletes tell me, "I have no time right now," I understand because I know that many athletes spend their entire time training, especially before athletic events. However, after I have waited for months or years, if they do finally find some time (often only a few short hours) I sometimes cannot recall the initial inspiration.
Headache - Sculpture by Gerhard Juchum

Inspiration comes to me in waves. There are periods when I can do nothing but capture and order the incoming ideas. When a major project of art comes to my mind there begins a period of complete introversion which lasts for weeks. I forget to eat and do not see friends. Many things that at other times would seem trivial upset me deeply. In contrast, music makes me happy and carries me to a high plane. I can direct my thoughts toward the theme and my feelings, bundled like a laser beam, penetrate the subject and illuminate all points from all perspectives. To sleep on a theme allows my unconscious to influence my conscious thoughts. In these periods, I have found that I must avoid activities which fragment or jar my thoughts.

I find inspiration is more intense at certain times, such as when the sun has just risen, when mail arrives, when a storm breaks, or when I look at the stars and the moon. Dull, rainy periods sometimes make me insensible. However, there are times when I like rain, especially while watching the drops splashing on the skylight in my studio shed. I always welcome snow.

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