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13 July 2017 - Burkina Faso

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Alister Moultrie |
I first met Gerd in May 1969 at a mens boarding house in W/Vancouver. Over a period of weeks we became firm friends and later in May and June, I sat for pencil & charcoal drawings which were used for a number of ideas blossoming in his mind for a series of 'peoples sculptures' to be placed in highly visible public parks.
In Sept & Oct '69 I again sat for Gerd for the drawings and later the clay models which became "The Spearfisherman". This led to mysterious photos at a number of locations on beaches, in parks and on rocks for suitable sites in / around Stanley Park and environs.
In Sept / October '69 Gerd made a concrete bust which I later brought back to New Zealand where I came from, and today 40 years on, sits in my office in Sydney, Australia.

Fond memories of a really great guy.

Alister Moultrie.
21 December 2009 - Sydney, Australia.

saramama |
I am pround to be born in the same village as Gerhard Juchum, such a wonderful, awesom artist. I am glad I found this site.
17 September 2009 - Germany

Congratulations on your wonderful educational and informative retrospective on your friend Daniel.
13 July 2009 - White Rock BC

Siggy Madai |
I am one of the lucky one that met Gerhard and we become friends.
8 March 2009 - North Vancouver BC

Mick |
my compliments to you for creating this website remembering Gerhard Juchum.
The other day I photographed his sculpture
The Lovers. I wondered who the artist is/was and wanting to know more about the sculpture itself. I am glad I found this site.
Thank you.
21 February 2009 - Februarey, 18, 2009 Vancouver, B.C

Gerhard Juchum |
Hallo Mr Roshi,
Gerhard was my uncle. I see this internet side the first time and I like it very much.
16 July 2008 - Gernany

Kenne A |
Hello, nice to see that you keep old newspaper clips, I do too.
If you see my name I am the Province photographer, who took a few of those images. Hope you are well, I have a site with a digital camera on it looking downtown, and links to my newer images.
URL is
First Things First, Peace
Kenne A.
22 March 2008 - Vancouver

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