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Kenne A |
Hello, nice to see that you keep old newspaper clips, I do too.
If you see my name I am the Province photographer, who took a few of those images. Hope you are well, I have a site with a digital camera on it looking downtown, and links to my newer images.
URL is
First Things First, Peace
Kenne A.
22 March 2008 - Vancouver

Winsome Bammel |
What a wonderful and unselfish person he must have been. I so wish I had had the chance to have met him in person. Thanks Mr. Roshi, for sharing all this breathtaking sculptures with us. May God continue to bless and reward you for your loyalty.
8 September 2007 - Saarbrücken/Germany

mimsy |
very moving. a fitting tribute.
20 August 2007 - west vancouver

Ron |
Daniel, thanks for sharing this with me. Fascinating human being. You have no doubt wonderful memories and have gained much from the time he was in your life as no doubt did he from your time in his. What a wonderful tribute from someone who cares enough.
16 August 2007

Andrea, I will add 3 additional zoom levels 1.3, 1.6, and 5.
9 August 2007 - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Browsing this site is very enjoyable. I'm looking forward to the drawings being added.
8 August 2007 - Varanasi, India

The sculptures are remarkable and the details on the pictures astounding. Could you add more intermediate zoom levels?
8 August 2007 - Toronto

Matija |
I like this site, very nicely built!
5 August 2007 - Vancouver

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